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Interstitial Arts  

The dictionary definition of "interstitial" refers not only to the space between things, but also to that which binds two or more things together. Interstitial literature can fall into the cracks between genres or it can bind two or more genres together. The IAF is here to give support to writers working between or across categories.

Interstitial fiction can be found all over the bookstore, tucked away under various genre labels. How, then, can a reader find it? By sharing recommendations, IAF contributors provide a guide to the best interstitial fiction available today. And, in a series of non–academic essays, they explore the theory and practice of creating interstitial literature.
Featured Writer
In the Featured Writer section, contributors present an ongoing selection of writers, old and new; of well–known authors and those authors whose very interstitiality may have made them slip under the public's radar.
In Essays, our contributors present essays on interstitiality in literature, as well as personal reflections on the role of border–crossing and genre–hopping in their own creative lives.
IA Discussion Board
Interested in discussing interstitial literature? Visual art? Music? Performance art? Visit the IAF Discussion Board. Also, stop by the Bulletin Boards to catch up on current recommendations and to post announcements.