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Musicians are natural boundary–crossers. While most composers, performers, and listeners start out loving a particular musical tradition, few ultimately limit themselves to one idiom. They are constantly seeking out new sounds and singing new songs, re–imagining old genres and conceiving new forms. Interstitial musicians don't confine themselves to listening to only one kind of music, and everything they hear — be it Jazz, Klezmer, Afro–Pop, Gamelan, Leider, Hindustani music, Samba, Birdsongs, Bossa–Nova, Beethoven, Bebop or (sure, why not?) Britney — becomes part of their tool–kit. Even the instruments range from the traditional to the almost inexplicable, the rewired circuitry of children's mechanical toys and the scratched vinyl of a spin DJ's eclectic performance. The IAF is here to give support to musicians who work between or across musical categories and traditions.
Featured Musicians
In the Featured Musician section, contributors present an ongoing selection of musicians and composers, old and new; of well known musicians and those whose very Interstitiality may have kept them from the public ear.
In Essays, our contributors present essays on interstitial areas of music, as well as personal reflections on the role of border–crossing in their own lives as music makers, listeners, and critics.
IA Discussion Board
Interested in discussing interstitial music? Visual art? Literature? Performance art? Visit the IAF Discussion Board. Also, stop by the Bulletin Boards to catch up on current recommendations and to post announcements.