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Interstitial Arts  

Performers are natural boundary crossers, taking their performances to all parts of the world. While many performers, actors, and troupes have repertoires where they feel most comfortable, that doesn't stop them from seeking new plays, new theatrical conventions, new combinations of performance materials that re–imagine old genres and create startling productions. The theater moves into the streets, East meets West in Japanese Kabuki performances of ancient Greek dramas, and actors find new voices with which to speak ancient words anew. Masks and Puppets, international tales, and new forms of acting all become part of the interstitial tool–kit.
Featured Performers
In the Featured Performers section, contributors present an ongoing selection of performers and troupes, old and new; some well known and some whose very interstitiality may have kept them from the public limelight.
In Essays, our contributors present essays on interstitial areas of performance arts, as well as personal reflections on the role of border–crossing in their own work.
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