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Interstitial Arts  

Artists have been crossing the borders of tradition and expectation since art began. Many highly respected categories of art (like Symbolism, Impressionism, and Surrealism) grew out of artists thumbing their noses at the boundaries and taboos of their time. What today's interstitial artists are thumbing their noses at is the popular dependence on categorization, with its rigid demands that artists declare themselves to be one thing or another: fine artist or illustrator, painter or computer artist, installation artist or photographer, sculptor or puppet builder and so on. The IAF is here to give support to artists who work in the interstices between traditions, genres, and media.
Featured Artists
In the Featured Artists section, contributors present an ongoing selection of artists, old and new; well–known artists and those whose very interstitiality may have kept them from the public eye.
In Essays, our contributors present essays on interstitial areas of visual art, as well as personal reflections on the role of border–crossing in their own work.
Interested in discussing visual art? Literature? Music? Performance art? Visit the IAF Discussion Board. Also, stop by the Bulletin Boards to catch up on current recommendations and to post announcements.