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Many interstitial artists began their careers within the boundaries of a single artistic genre: classical music or jazz, speculative fiction or mystery, "fine" art or illustration, classic theatre or dance. Many of them still work in those genres for their bread-and-butter, and are proud of the work they do there. But that's not the only work they do.

From time to time, they step outside the boundary of whatever category they began in to explore the uncharted territory between categories, or to borrow from a variety of genres. If they do so, they're likely to find themselves called upon to defend and explain these border-crossing activities.

Contributors to the IAF are artists, but also, polemicists, scholars and activists. They come together in the IAF not only for the purpose of creating art, but to foster a discussion of art that will change the way it is taught, written about, and distributed.

Barth Anderson
Christopher Barzak
Holly Black
Barrie Lynn Bryant
Emma Bull
Thomas Canty
Alan DeNiro
Anita Roy Dobbs
Jeffrey Ford
Gregory Frost
Joan Gordon
Kendrick Goss
Stu Jenks
Ellen Klages
John Langan
Kristin Livdahl
Patrick O'Connor
Jennifer Pelland
Helen Pilinovsky
Veronica Schanoes
Warren Senders
Will Shetterly
Charles Vess
A.B Word
Terri Windling