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These pages present theoretical essays that seek to define interstitial arts and explore their importance to artists and scholars. They also offer information for students and faculty on academic courses that emphasize Interstitial Arts and creative writing exercises, as well as scholarly resources for further research.

"The word 'interstice' comes from the Latin roots inter (between) and sistere (to stand). Literally, it means to 'stand between' or 'stand in the middle.' It generally refers to a space between things: a chink in a fence, a gap in the clouds, a DMZ between nations at war, the potentially infinite space between two musical notes, a form of writing that defies genre classification." — Heinz Insu Fenkl
Theoretical Essays
Our contributors present critical essays on Interstitial Arts
Academic Courses
Our contributors share IA-related course descriptions, reading lists and creative writing exercises
Resources for Scholars
An annotated bibliography of scholarly works
Interested in discussing theories and definitions of interstitial art? Visit the IAF Discussion Board. Also, stop by the Bulletin Boards to read news on academic conferences, call for papers, and to post announcements