Big Breast: Pros and Cons

Having big boobs does not necessarily mean that you’re promiscuously in your behavior either. So to clear those things out, right out of the gate, I would say to you to be more confident with them. I was a very late bloomer, so all through my childhood, ironically enough, I got made fun of for being flat chested, and I always saw people like Jessica Rabbit, was like I want to look like that, like that grown woman form. And remember, the adult women, who are not very ample upstairs, are trying to do things to make them look bigger. So remember, that when you’re feeling bad about your own. And then it was the kind of funny joke on me when I did get huge ones. This is embarrassing for me, as a kind of funny joke on me, that then it’s like, oh you don’t think about it, but all these bad things come with them too. And it’s not saying that having a large chest is bad. I know some people that have a big chest feel that way. But I wouldn’t trade mine in.

I’ve had acting managers tell me “you’re not going to get cast with the chest size you have, because from here up you look like Disney Channel, and from here down you look like you should be on Spike.” So certainly boobs have not helped me in my career because you want to be like an average-sized. I think everybody wants to be an average size, which is why small people want them bigger and bigger people want them smaller.

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You may have back pain; I’m very fortunate in that, I don’t suffer from that yet, at least maybe that’s something all deal with later in life. You can’t wear practically anything that’s in style. Good luck trying to keep up with the fashion train, because it’s just not going to happen for busty girls. You know, you see those sexy open-back dresses that girls wear on the red carpet. No, no they’re not for you. How about those hot summer shirts that are just so flouncy and, you know, like see-through in certain spots, you show the back or the side. Nope, those aren’t for you either. Read more about breast reduction on plasticsurgery.

The things that I find that I do feel confident in is 1950s-1960s kind of wear because they’re fitted through that area without showing a lot, they’re still on a very classy look. So I’d recommend to ladies with large breast to wear some clothes that are a bit more fitted up top, but not necessarily skin tight or revealing, but have some shape to them. If you wear something baggy, at least for me, when I wear something loose, it makes me feel like, oh this could be maternity wear, no one would know.

Which I want to swing back around now to Jessica Rabbit being my hero before I had them, since I was like, oh I want them, and then after I got them, and I realized that all the sudden, everyone thinks that I’m some attention whore, like, you know, sticking my chest out all the time or whatever they want to be judging me. Then I latched onto I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way. And I think a lot of people judge people based on a certain physical attribute, or all physical attributes, or whatever. I mean, we know this we’ve talked about this before, the people judge people based on physical appearance and that it’s crappy. So try to think about the fact that you know people are made in all different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes the world go round and this is who you are and be confident with that. Just look at yourself and find ways that you can feel like, you know, what I look awesome today. So my question for you guys is how do you feel more confident in who you are for whatever reason that may be.