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The IAF Annex is our online showcase of exclusive interstitial works. One part anthology, one part gallery, one part performance space, and one part everything else, the Annex is the IAF's grand exhibition hall.

We are currently featuring companion works to our new short fiction anthology Interfictions 2, which was published by Small Beer Press in November, 2009. For the eight weeks leading up to its release, we published one short story a week here in these pages. We hope you enjoy them – and if you do, you can find more interstitial works in Interfictions 2!

Current Featured Works

Eilis O'Neal
"The next question is: Which is more profitable: a goose that lays a golden egg once a week or a wife who spits gold coins whenever she speaks?"
Chris Kammerud
"The thing about Allison is she hated having her name sung to her but loved Elvis Costello. She hated unicorns, too, unless they were bad-ass unicorns that used their horns to impale enemies in the heart."
Kelly Cogswell
"If I knew nothing about arousing primates, vegetables were another world."
Mark Rich
"Days at the drafting table had provided such neat mental constructions - perfect lines and angles within which he could situate himself, to feel measured and squared... He must have slipped away from sensing the roundness and fullness of the world."
Ron Pasquariello
"Before you left today, / You forgot to walk me. Look, / A gift on the rug. / Wake up. Wake up. Look, / Look. Cringe. It's the paperboy. / He comes to kill you."
Kelly Barnhill
"You loved a mountain before you ever did love me. I say this without petulance or accusation. I say this because we are animal and we love what we love."
F. Brett Cox
"A genuine pulp Technicolor dream / Brush my finger down your nylon seam. As Dave walks past Uncle John's secretary in the outer office she stands behind her desk with one leg in her chair. Her skirt drapes her naked thigh as she rolls her knee-high stockings down." Features musical accompaniment.
Genevieve Valentine
"When he closes her in the master closet, says, 'These were her things. Take whatever you want,' she knows what it really means, and trembles in the little prison."
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