SizeGenetics Review, Confirmed Results and Medical Facts [2019]

SizeGenetics is the Best Penis Enlargement Device

Many men often feel discomfort and self-doubt, which have the most negative impact on the quality of sex life.

Such emotions can be caused by a variety of factors that can be both psychological and physical. The most common reasons are penis size, penis curvature and the presence of erectile dysfunction.

If you’re one of those men, you have to find a way to fix the situation as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to depressions, nervous frustrations and the absence of orgasm.

To date, there are several effective ways to help increase the size of the reproductive organ, as well as normalize the possibility of sexual function.

The most effective method of penis enlargement and getting rid of curvature is the use of the SizeGenetics device.

This safe and effective device works on the principle of stretching cave tissues. Due to the extension, the blood flow is activated to the cellular structures of the penis, which strengthens the erection and gradually increases the penis to 25%.

The SizeGenetics technology has helped to normalize the sexual life of thousands of men living throughout the globe.

How Does SizeGenetics Extender Work?

SizeGenetics is a patented technology that has been used for more than 10 years. The user needs to study the manufacturer’s instructions in detail in order to use the extender correctly.

The SizeGenetics design feature is that for stretching cave fabrics, the manufacturer used durable metal rods that provide the maximum tension levels.

You can also use a belt in addition to the main fixation of the extender at the base and the head of the penis.

Thanks to this, the user can be sure of the reliable attachment of the expander, as well as its safe action, which excludes trauma to the flesh.

Clinical Researches

SizeGenetics is a patented penis extender that has a huge amount of medical approvals.

Quality certificates were issued by an independent clinical commission, which watched the device undergo a series of clinical and laboratory studies. These documents are the main proof that the device really works.

There was a clinical study involved a group of men aged 25 to 60 years. During the allotted time period, the subjects wore the device according to the recommendations of specialists. As a result, out of 100 men, 99 patients were able to achieve a positive result.

The fact is that the only person who was dissatisfied with the penis extender action did not use the device correctly, ignoring the recommendations regarding the duration of daily wearing.

We note the fact that most experts in the field of urology and sexology recommend their patients to use the SizeGenetics. As a rule, the main purpose of this penis traction device is to stimulate the growth of the penis and get rid of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

SizeGenetics Results

We offer all potential users to study the list of results that can be obtained in the process of proper SizeGenetics usage:

Normalization of all aspects of sexual function
A man gets a stronger and longer erection, which most directly affects the duration of sexual intercourse. Increases libido and endurance, one hundred helps to experience more vivid sensations during intimate intimacy. Premature ejaculation symptoms gradually disappear, while the volume of sperm increases several times. Many men argue that using the SizeGenetics extender has a positive effect on their reproductive function.
Penis enlargement
The penis becomes larger in length and width. Visual changes contribute to more active sexual activity.
Aligning the penis curvature, getting rid of the so-called symptoms of Peyronie's disease
The penis curvature can be innate and acquired, but regardless of this, the term becomes even, which has a positive effect on a more powerful and strong erection.
Improved confidence and self-esteem
Along with all the above results, a man becomes psychologically and emotionally resistant to various kinds of external stimuli. This is due to self-confidence and in their sexual capabilities.

Most men are interested in how long do they need to use SizeGenetics in order to get results. Everything is individual in this aspect and depends on the physiological and genetical characteristics.

However, on average, the first visual changes become noticeable after 30 – 60 days of operation. Moreover, to achieve all of the above results, the patient must undergo a full course of treatment for a period of 6 to 8 months.

After such a long interaction with the installation of the penis, the user can expect that the results will be stored for 12 to 24 months.

SizeGenetics Benefits

As mentioned earlier, there are many different extenders present on the market, which are significantly different among themselves according to a number of criteria.

Denote the number of advantages that distinguish the SizeGenetics device from competitive products:

  • Design features, where the extender compactness is not the last thing. This factor is reflected in the comfortable use of the device. The extender is not noticeable under clothing, does not hinder movement and does not cause discomfort in the process of wearing. Therefore, to use the penis traction device most comfortable in the daytime.
  • Affordable price, which significantly saves the user’s budget.
  • The manufacturer uses high-quality medical materials in the process of developing the extender – plastic, metal, and rubber. Due to this feature during the operation of the expander, the occurrence of negative adverse reactions in the form of allergies, irritations or various kinds of rashes is practically excluded.
  • Ease of use. You need to perform only a few simple steps to fix the device on the penis.
  • The result of using the SizeGenetics appears quickly.
  • Multiple clinical studies have shown the fact that the use of this extender is a safe way that has the minimum number of contraindications.

SizeGenetics Packages Review

The SizeGenetics manufacturer for customers’ convenience, has released several packages that are distinguished by their bundle. The more items included in the package, the higher its cost.

If the patient wants to save money on the purchase of high-quality expansion equipment, then he should opt for a standard package, in which there are no spare parts.

Quick Note
However, if the client’s budget is not limited, then the best option would be to choose a full set of SizeGenetics, which includes spare fixing belts, metal rods, video instruction, antiseptic, etc.

How To Use SizeGenetics?

The user must disinfect its surface before fixing the extender on the penis with special antiseptic wipes. The same manipulation must be performed at the end of the operation.

Next, the man inserts the penis into the main ring and pulls it over the entire base of the metal expansion rods, where the head is fixed at the end.

To ensure maximum strength and protect the penis from mechanical damage and injury, the user must additionally use a fixing strap.

The manufacturer draws the attention of its customers to the fact that the device installation is possible in the daytime when the level of sensitivity of the organism is normal.

The duration of the daily wearing of the device, on average, is 6 – 10 hours. A man should wear an extender for 6 – 7 hours In the first month of operation, gradually increasing the time range.

SizeGenetics Buyer’s Guide And Review

As soon as the man decides to purchase the SizeGenetics, he proceeds to the selection of the resource on which this purchase can be carried out most profitably.

We hurry to warn all potential consumers, that the official manufacturer can offer the most favorable and safe conditions of purchase. Accordingly,  to buy an original, patented, effective and safe product is possible only on the official website of the manufacturer .

The average price of the SizeGenetics device is in the price range from $70 to $120, where the main factor in pricing is bundling equipment.

The client can see the excellent discount and promotional offers on the official SizeGenetics website, allowing a good budget to be saved.

SizeGenetics Questions & Answers

The client has a wide variety of questions in the process of choosing and purchasing the extender.

How effective and safe is SizeGenetics?

The effectiveness and safety of the action of the SizeGenetics have been repeatedly tested in clinical trials. This fact is evidenced by certificates of quality, the contents of which can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Is there a chance of adverse reactions?

The likelihood of adverse reactions appears only when the user does not adhere to the recommendations of the developer.

How to choose the right package?

All SizeGenetics packages are helpful and useful. If the client has additional questions, he can always ask them to managers or consultants of the online store.

If you want to become a sexually strong, attractive and hardy man, then place an order at the official SizeGenetics website.

SizeGenetics Review, Confirmed Results and Medical Facts [2019]
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