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    The Interstitial Arts Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the study, support, and promotion of interstitial art: literature, music, visual and performance art found in between categories and genres – art that crosses borders. Find out more!

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    Thanks to 277 generous backers for our Interfictions Indiegogo Campaign, we raised $10,318 by the time our campaign ended at midnight, July 14th, 2014.  When we launched on June 3rd, we were staggered to find donations doubling almost daily, until after about 3 weeks we had reached our original target goal of $8,500, and were able to move on to our Stretch Goal of $10,000.

    Which means we not only get to publish Interfictions Online for another year, but we can pay our contributors at higher rates now, rates more in line with the effort and talent that innovation requires. Thank you, each and every one of the 277 generous donors who stepped forward to say that interstitial art is valued and valuable. The number of people is as important as the number of dollars raised. We are awed by your generosity.
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    INTERFICTIONS issue #3 is up online!

    The editors of Interfictions Online are happy to announce the birth of the journal’s latest issue, on May 22, 2014!

    The Spring 2014 issue’s non-fiction offerings include Mark Craddock’s poignant collage in Aerial Acrobatics and Gender Reassignment Surgery – A How-To Guide, while Inda Lauryn’s Parallels and Transitions splices analysis of contemporary female vocalists into a graduate school memoir. Isabel Yap’s Life Is Not a Shoujo Manga speaks for itself. And in an interview with Jeff VanderMeer and Jeremy Zerfoss, the two creators discuss their illustrated guide to writing, Wonderbook.

    The fiction offerings remix tropes from ghosts to automata, with new work by Richard Butner, Su-Yee Lin, Kat Howard, Tade Thompson and S. Craig Renfroe Jr.

    Several of the poems in this issue reimagine older narratives: Sridala Swami’s AI Winter draws on the Mahabharata, Sonya Taaffe’s Double Business on Hamlet, and Mary Alexandra Agner’s Hypothesis Between Your Ribs on the brief life of Charles Darwin’s daughter.


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  • Announcing the Annex and the new!
    by Geoffrey | September 15th, 2009 |

    It’s been a long time coming, but today we’re proud to unveil the new Interstitial Arts Foundation website!

    A Platform For Interstitial Arts

    In many ways, this new website is a blend of our previous two websites, with an eye on developing a platform for future expansion. Two websites ago, the IAF site featured a large amount of wonderful content focused on sharing thoughts and recommendations about the interstitial arts. This content was somewhat obscured during our previous redesign (which prominently featured the IAF weblog, which you’re reading now), but today that content returns to the forefront. In the navigation bar along the top of the page, you’ll currently find seven options: Blog, About, Essays, Recommendations, Projects, Join and Contact.

    Blog is, obviously, the IAF Weblog. The biggest change here is that a greater amount of screen space has been dedicated to the entries themselves, giving our text room to breathe and making each entry easier to read. This section is currently undergoing extensive renovation and will be seeing a great deal of improvement in the weeks ahead, so please bear with us.

    About is the new “Who” – this section contains our mission statement, an essay on the origins of the IAF, profiles of the IAF Executive Board and our working group, a list of our valued supporters – including the Friends of Interfictions 2.

    Essays is where we’ve collected the best thinking on the interstitial arts. In this collection of in-depth essays, an array of imaginative artists and writers from Holly Black to Charles Vess wrestle with these questions and explain what interstitiality means to them.

    In Recommendations, members of the IAF share their favorite examples of Interstitial work, ranging from the reinvented fairy tales of Angela Carter (courtesy of Delia Sherman) to the music of Willy Schwarz (courtesy of Warren Senders), from the comic works of David Lasky (courtesy of Kendrick Goss) to the on-stage folklore of the Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble (courtesy of Midori Snyder). We’ve also included write-ups of several of our favorite Interstitial courses from academia, including Theodora Goss’ “Fantasy and the Fantastic” and John Langan’s “Contemporary Fiction: Genre, Genre Everywhere“. Finally, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Interstitial sites and organizations.

    Projects is where you’ll find information on our current projects, including the Interfictions anthology series, the IAF Auctions, and the Interstitial Music Project. This is also where you’ll find the Annex, perhaps one of the most exciting new aspects of our website – but more on that in a minute.

    Join is where interested parties can find out how to join the Interstitial Arts Foundation community and get involved in one of our many projects.

    Got a question? Contact is where you can find out how to get in touch with the IAF.

    These seven sections are also just the beginning. In the next few months, expect to see new sections appearing on the site, including a section dedicated exclusively to interstitial events such as the IAF Salons and the Slattery Project.

    Introducing the IAF Annex

    The IAF Annex is our new online showcase of exclusive interstitial works. One part anthology, one part gallery, one part performance space, and one part everything else, think of the Annex as the IAF’s grand exhibition hall.

    For our first exhibit, we are currently featuring companion works to our upcoming short fiction anthology Interfictions 2, which will be published by Small Beer Press in the fall of 2009. For the eight weeks leading up to its release, we will be publishing one short story a week, starting with Genevieve Valentine’s “To Set Before the King“. Here’s an excerpt:

    The king had two boys, fair and bright, but their mother had been dead many years and the king felt his house was empty, so he married again. The stepmother was pale and silent, and the children could not love her, for where her heart should be there was a diamond, hard and cold.

    Their scullery maid saw the signs of black magic on the stepmother, and knew that evil would befall the children if they stayed in the palace. She was brave and kindhearted, and that night she took the boys with her beyond the palace walls, to the edge of the dark wood.


    Cook reminds them all the time he could have opened his own two-star Michelin, but at heart he’s a butcher, and when he opens the deep freeze in the garage and sees the meat he knows what it is. But meat is meat, and Cook checks only for freshness before he starts trimming fat.

    The ribs will be barbeque, the flanks steaks. He picks out the small bits not good for much to mash into dumplings, and her fingers (sans ring) go into a pot for stock.

    The dumpling dough is soft as skin and slides back and forth across the board, the steady hush of flour.


    The dark wood was no place for little children alone, but the scullery maid knew that it was the only thing in the kingdom the mad king would not enter. She handed each child a piece of bread and a long red ribbon. The ribbons were magicked (most good women have a little white magic in them). She tied the ends of the ribbons to the willow tree. “Carry one end with you wherever you go,” she said, “and never come out of the woods until nightfall. I will tug on your ribbons when all is safe.”

    And she kissed each child on the forehead and sent them off into the lonely wood.


    She isn’t smart, has never been; she believed the mother when the mother said the blouse was a gift (two weeks later the mother searched the governess’s room for the blouse, asked the governess why she felt the need to steal when they provided her everything). But the next time the mother offered a present the governess had still taken it, because it was a cold winter and boots were boots.

    When he closes her in the master closet, says, “These were her things. Take whatever you want,” she knows what it really means, and trembles in the little prison.

    “The children need to be put to bed,” she says. She has never wanted so much to kiss Connor’s dark hair, to close Sophie’s door against the rest of the house, to read them the story about the two young princes

    He says, “Later.”

    Following the release of Interfictions 2, the Annex will expand to showcase other interstitial work, such as a collection of interstitial visual art. Keep an eye on this blog for announcements of new releases!

    The Best Is Yet To Come

    In the weeks ahead, we’ll be adding even more – not just the weekly new stories in the Annex, but new recommendations, new essays, and whole new sections of the site that will give IAF friends and fans new ways to think about, participate in and create the interstitial arts. The design will be refined to work a little more smoothly in all browsers, we’ll be bringing back even more content from the previous site versions, we’ll be more tightly integrating our presences across the web (such as our Twitter account, our Flickr pool and our Facebook page) and we’ll be turning our attention to providing new resources to interstitial artists everywhere.

    The Interstitial Arts Foundation is dedicated to the study, support, and promotion of interstitial art: literature, music, visual and performance art found in between categories and genres – art that crosses borders. Our goal is to make our new website a wonderful new destination for like-minded travelers.

    Welcome to the new!

    finish line

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    1. Terri Windling Says:

      This is a splendid re-working of fairy tale material. I’ll link to it from my blog in the hope of sending some more readers your way.

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