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Stephen H. Segal

Board Member of IAF,
cultural journalist.
Washington, D.C.

Back when he was editor of the alternative newsweekly InPittsburgh, Stephen Segal's colleagues used to gently tease that all of his story ideas were based on strange analogies and juxtapositions -- e.g., "Meet the artificial-heart researcher who gets all his ideas while he's busy inventing an electric harmonica!" "Here's what Samuel Delany's science fiction has in common with surrealist video installation art!" Stephen, who believes strongly in the transcendent and often untapped interstitial power of "the imagination culture," responded by writing more profiles of creative problem-solving teachers, ministers who marry transgendered couples, and Warren Zevon.

He has been an editor at WQED's Pittsburgh Magazine, a regional judge for the Reading Rainbow Young Writers & Illustrators competition, a publication designer for Carnegie Mellon University, a Chancellor's Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh Honors College, and an Odyssey of the Mind world finalist.

Currently Stephen serves as creative director for the Wildside Press magazine group, including Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, and H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror. He also designs book covers for the company's Prime and Juno imprints.

News updates are at his LiveJournal.