X4 Labs Extender Review, Medical Facts and Results [2019]

Going to bed with your lover is delightful; however, when there is no healthy sex life, a man can begin to feel depressed and deprived. There are hundreds of reasons behind a dead bedroom situation.


Psycho-emotional disorders and insecurities in both partners are one of the most common causes of a lack of sex.

In turn, the man often experiences negative emotions realizing the dimensions of his manhood are insufficient.

These insecurities can cause men to lose confidence in themselves and their sexual power; moreover, such psycho-emotional disorders often lead to sexual dysfunction.

The man may experience weakened erections, a drop in potency, premature ejaculation, and a lack of orgasm.

X4 Labs Quick Facts

Rank: #1
Money back: 
Years on the market: 10+
Benefits: 3 types of fasteners with anti-bacterial foam, premium comfort, 100% high-grade materials, 24/7 customer support, penis straightening
Customers: 150 000
First results: 14-30 days (1.1 inches)
Max results: 180-360 days (4 inches)
Enlargement extenders: Deluxe value – $79.99, Premium standard – $119.99, Extreme premium – $189.99, Anniversary comfort – $199.99, Ultimate Luxury – $249.49, Patriot Limited – $299.99 ). Choose your package
Curvature correction:  Peyronies Pro – $99.99, Limited – $119.99, Special – $199.99, Luxury – $259.99, Ultimate – $299.99. Choose the Peyronies package
International Shipping:  Yes
Coupon code: 85% off (cyber week sale )
Official site: x4labs.com

How to Enlarge Penis Using X4 Labs Extender

Penis growth stimulation is a crucial step in permanently eliminating negative consequences.

X4 Labs is a modern, safe, and efficient extender that is designed for painless stretching of the cavernous tissues of the penis; moreover, X4 Labs has an active normalizing effect on the male body the sexual function.

The X4 Labs‘s principle of operation is that the user sets up a comfortable intensity of traction force, enhancing blood circulation in the pelvic organs. This facilitates the stretching of the cellular tissues of the penis.

As a result, the penis grows in size, improving the quality, strength, and power of the man’s sexual capabilities. Learn more about the X4 Labs benefits.

X4 Labs Advantages


Among the available devices on the market of penis enlargement products, X4 Labs is one of the most popular extenders. It has won the hearts of thousands of users because of the following advantages:

  • X4 Labs is a compact and convenient device. The man can wear it at any time, regardless of what he’s doing.
  • The device is fixed in a simple and safe way, causing no pain or adverse reactions.
  • The minimum number of contraindications significantly expands the circle of potential users.
  • The extender’s effectiveness has been repeatedly tested in clinical and laboratory trials, which confirms its safety.
  • The X4 Labs is manufactured from safe medical raw materials that comply with all sanitary standards.
  • The result obtained in the course of treatment will retain for a long period of time, much to the pleasure of the man and his sexual partner.
  • The X4 Labs device comes at a reasonable price that is affordable to every man on the planet.

X4 Labs: Materials and Medical Facts

The manufacturer of this innovative extension device uses medical plastics characterized by high strength and durability. The extending metal rods fix the device in a safe way, while the built-in springs provide the highest effectiveness.

An interesting fact about X4 Labs is that its design suits a wide variety of penis sizes, ranging from small to average parameters.

Clinical facts
As a result of using this device, the length and girth of the male genital organ can grow by up to 25%.

Why Do Experts Recommend X4 Labs?


The extender’s popularity is primarily related to its multifunctionality. Wearing the device regularly will not only improve your penis size but will also relieve the common symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

If you regularly experience ED, reduced potency, or premature ejaculation, a full course of treatment with the X4 Labs device is the best solution. Click here to order the extender.

The second criterion determining the extender’s popularity is its safety and the minimal number of contraindications.

If the device is fixed properly, the patient will experience no negative side reactions – only a positive result that is achieved in a short period of time.

How Long Until Positive Results Are Achieved?


X4 Labs Customer Reviews

Customers are inclined to believe X4 Labs is a magical invention capable of solving their issues after several applications.

This opinion is fundamentally wrong, as it takes at least four to five months to achieve the desired penis size and normalize the sexual functioning of the male body.

Clinical facts
Many patients notice the first positive changes after two or three months. You should prolong the course of treatment to six to eight months to consolidate the obtained positive effect. The results you achieve will last for six to twelve months.

The most important aspect of using the X4 Labs device is wearing it daily for six to eight hours. You should only wear the extender during the day, when all your senses are under the control of your mind.

It is strictly  forbidden to use the device at night , as this can lead to the most unexpected and unpleasant side effects.

Be careful when putting on and taking off the X4 Labs. Wearing the device should not cause any pain.

Warranty and Delivery

The biggest X4 Labs quality and safety guarantee is the presence of appropriate certificates. The manufacturer of the device received all the accompanying documents upon the results of clinical and laboratory tests.

The X4 Labs product can be delivered to anywhere in the world. The manufacturer can ship the purchased item by any postal service of the customer’s choice. Order X4 Labs officially.

X4 Labs vs. Competitors: A Comparison

Let’s highlight a number of distinctive features inherent in the X4 Labs extender:

  • Unlike the PeniMaster, which operates on the principle of stretching by means of the vacuum created inside the working chamber, X4 Labs has an extending mechanism.
  • The Jes Extender is a whole line-up consisting of a huge number of models. Each device comes in a presentable box and includes a variety of replaceable elements. The price of the Jes Extender is very high; X4 Labs is a simple and compact device available at an affordable price.
  • The Phallosan is another vacuum device that fundamentally differs from the X4 Labs extender by its principle of operation.
  • The Quick Extender Pro is based on a similar principle as the X4 Labs; however, the two devices have different design features.
Quick note
X4 Labs is a multifunctional and safe modern extender, that helps stretching the cavernous tissues of the penis and to normalize the sexual functions of the male body.

Another benefit of using the extender is that it helps correct penis curvature. The main advantages of X4 Labs are its safety, effectiveness, simplicity, and affordability.

How To Use X4 Labs

Before using the device, read the instructions carefully and follow all the recommendations; otherwise, there is a possibility of adverse side effects.

Before using X4 Labs, wipe its elements with an antiseptic agent that will neutralize all bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

After use, rinse the extender underwater. Don’t put it back in the box until it’s completely dry.

On the manufacturer’s official website, you can find a detailed video review of the extender, which will give you a clearer understanding of how the X4 Labs works and how to wear it for the best possible effect.

X4 Labs Extender


Speed of results








Customers' trust



  • Add size to both length and girth
  • InfiniteFit Quad System
  • 2018’s Top Rated Device
  • Proven in clinical trials
  • Comfort Strap Technology


  • You need to wear it consistently
  • Some packages are expensive
Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan is an urologist in Los Angeles. He received his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine

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